Tips on Choosing a Wedding Band

Unless you have recently planed an event that required a band, there is a low possibility you have been involved in selecting a band. It is therefore alright if you are wondering where to start. Every couple wants their guests to remain on the dance floor for as long as the live band is playing. So, how do you choose a band for a wedding?


Ask our friends and family members if they know the best wedding bands Ireland. They will recommend a band that they have hired before or have a good positive recommendation. Most bands have taken to the internet to showcase their profession by displaying examples of their work. They have demos and recorded songs in case you want to have a real taste of their work. Shortlist the bands that interest you then scale down to your favorite through elimination.


Do not assume that the band will know the songs that interest you most so come up with a list of songs you would like played on your wedding day. Before you choose a band, ask them for a list of songs that they play so that you can determine if they are the right band for you.

Some companies charge extra cash if you request them to learn a specific song that is not included in their list.


Be open about your budget so that the band can decide whether they are comfortable with the pay or not. It saves time for everyone involved. The band is also able to give you a suggestion of the service that is available depending on the budget provided. The cost for hiring a band is sometimes not determined by the number of people in the band but the food for the band plays a huge role.


When looking for a band, you should consider a larger band. A large band is flexible and can carry out man tasks. The band can perform background music and it can also function as a band set. When it comes to small bands, they can fit in small spaces so if your wedding venue is limited, then a small band would be idea. It is important to note that bands are not just the people singing on the stage but also about the instrument that the band can play. Choose a band wisely.


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