Locked Out of Your Car?

Panic! You’ve come back from doing your shopping in the supermarket, you’re ready to load up the car and head home, and you can’t get in the car. Why? Because you’ve locked yourself out.

Panic indeed.

Despite that initial moment of stress, it is reassuring to know that a locksmith can help you get back inside your car with ease. Of course, that is going to cost you money and anything that a specialist locksmith does, is unlikely to be cheap. It really depends on the circumstances around your locking out, as well as the type of car you have, in terms of how much it is going to cost you.

We can’t give you a definite figure, because how many Euros really depends on what you’ve done, e.g. does you car work with a transponder, a key, and has the key broken or snapped? Every circumstance is going to change the cost, but to give you a general idea of the factors;

  • There will be a base cost for a call out
  • The locksmith will assess the situation and find out what has happened, and the best course of action
  • Does anything need to be replaced? E.g. a key or a transponder?
  • The complexity is going to change the cost also

If you have simply locked your car keys in the boot, a locksmith is just going to have to gain entry to said boot and give you your keys. This is the most simple scenario, and therefore it is going to be the cheaper of the options. Another possibility is that he key has broken in the lock. This means your locksmiths Cork is going to need to remove the key from the door, assess the damage, help you gain access, and then you’re going to need to order a new key, unless you have a spare.

If you have a more modern type of car it may be that you use a transponder to gain access to your car. In this case, what do you do if that has broken? A transponder is the small key fob which you press a button on to open your car. These work by communication between chips inside the transponder, so it is possible that a malfunction could occur. In this case, your locksmith can help you gain access to your car, but you are going to need to order a new transponder, which is going to cost you more than an original key.

As you can see from these situations we have just described, it is virtually impossible to say “it is going to cost you this much to gain access to your car once you’ve been locked out”, because it depends on so many factors. The only thing you can do? Keep a spare key at all times, and have a locksmith on speed dial!

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