How to Repair a Residential Flat Roof

Just like there are no two fully identical people, the same case applies to homes. You should therefore not expect to find a shingle roof on every residential home. Some people prefer to have unique kinds of roof such as a flat roof. It is very challenging to find a roofing contractor who is capable and willing to provide roofing services if you have a flat roof.

Most roofing constructors do not have the required expertise to provide any service on the roof. What happens to home owner with flat roofs? What do they do when they need a roofing expert?

There are roofers who engage in both commercial and residential roofing services. The only thing that you need to get hold of the experts is to know where to look for the experts. If you have a unique roof it is best if you only hire an expert to help you with any roofing issue for the best results.

You have a choice between a residential and a commercial flat roof expert. A commercial roofing expert works often times on industrial as well as commercial roofs. They can also work on residential roofs as they are equally skilled as the residential roofing contractor.

A strategy to avoid roof replacement

Residential roof coatings are a perfect strategy. When you use the strategy you receive increased knowledge on residential roofing and flat roofing Dublin. The end product is that your roof enjoys the best of residential as well as flat roof worlds.

For commercial flat roof, there is a roof coating known as Conklin. The solution can also be used on residential roofs and it restores your flat roof to its new original state. The coating solves all roofing problems just by applying it once. The coating adds a protective membrane on top of the existing roof. It has many benefits which includes;

  • It is energy star certified
  • A perfect roof protector from natural elements
  • You will not incur roof landfills and tear off fees
  • The roof helps you save energy
  • Waterproof solution
  • Lengthens the life of your flat roof by 25 years
  • Requires minimal upkeep and maintenance
  • After sometime you can re-coat it for a longer life
  • Good for decreasing roof temperatures by 80 degrees

As you look for a roofing contractor make sure they are insured, licensed and they have a good record. If you know of an association of roofing contractors hire one of their members as your roofer for excellent work.

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