How to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversation Rate

Optimising your e-commerce conversation rate, e.g. the number of people that visit your site, the number of people who make a purchase, and the ability to create a site which gives your customers what they want, is key to making cash online.

A stronger conversation rate is what gives you more in the way of profit through sales, but there are a few things you can do to boost that rate, and therefore give you much more visitor numbers, and hopefully more of a profit margin too. None of the following methods are particularly difficult to do, but the extra boost they give to your site will actually be quite powerful indeed.

Make sure you know your audience – if your site is ‘wishy washy, e.g. it doesn’t seem to know who it is trying to speak to, then your visitors are going to take one look and move on. This is lost cash. Instead, you need to know who your audience is, and you need to tailor-make your site and experience through that.

Can you offer different payment methods? – Western Union, credit and debit cards, Bitcoins, PayPal, these are all useful methods of payment and if you can offer a range of these, then you are much more likely to attract more visitors, and more sales too.

Identify and push your USP – Your USP (Unique Selling Point) is what identifies you, so you need to know what it is, and you need to push it forward, specifically on your homepage and throughout your site.

Include extra information – What are your delivery times? Can you add a ‘out of stock’ notification, to avoid disappointment for your visitors? Can you give specific currencies for specific countries? The World Wide Web means we can reach more people than ever before, and tailoring your site to each country is a great way to make your customers feel special and catered for, therefore making a sale much more likely.

Videos and images are key – Of course, people want to see what they are buying, but aside from that, they also want to see them in action. Product videos are a great way to do that, and also give your site an edge over the competition.

These are just a few ways to give your e-commerce site a huge boost in terms of search engine optimization and conversation rate. It’s really about knowing your customer well, and second guessing what they want to see and experience. Making the site easy to use, offering various options, and making the whole process simpler is also key. Give your customers what they want and return visits, and referrals, will follow!

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