Finding Repair Contractor for your Flat Roof

If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, you will one day need a flat roof repair contractor. It is important that you choose a professional with the right expertise so that you can be guaranteed of a perfect job. To start with, you need a commercial flat roof expert for your commercial flat roof.

Types of flat roofs

Flat roofs are common in commercial buildings and they come in various types;

Built-up roofing – It is made up of alternating layers of reinforcing fabrics and bitumen. The surfacing for the roof include aggregate such as slag, gravel, glass-fiber cap or mineral-surfaced sheets, aluminum coatings, or elastomeric coatings. It is the most common type.

Single ply membrane – The roofs are factory manufactured. They are classified as thermoplastic (PVC) or thermoset (EDPM). When thermoset materials are heated they become irreversibly solidified. On the other hand, thermoplastic materials cam be softened or hardened many times by cooling and heating.

Modified bitumen – Reinforcing fabrics are put together to form polymer-modified membranes.  Just as it is the case for BUR, modified bitumen consists of layers of fabrics. It is installed as a fully adhered 2-ply system. The surfacing of the bitumen membranes include mineral surfacing, aggregate surfacing, smooth liquid-applied surfacing, and metal foil-laminate surfacing.

Importance of proper workmanship

It takes special training and experience to install or repair a commercial flat roof. Irrespective of the type of flat roof that your structure has there is a professional roofer who can handle it. Choice Roof Contractor Group is made up of professional roofers who can handle all kinds of roofing assignments. The members have a clear set criterion which they must meet before being admitted in the group. The group members freely share knowledge and support and you are guaranteed of getting a professional roofer to help you with any roofing project. The professional roofers provide services that restore you roof into a proper working condition.

Finding a trusted roofer

Hiring roofing contractors gives you peace of mind as you are sure that your roofing project will be perfectly done. The roofers give a lifetime guarantee on all projects. That means that as long as you still have the roof, you are sure you are still guaranteed. The association guarantees a lifetime follow up on your roof. The association ensures that there is someone to help you with your roofing needs at all times when you need help.

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