6 Proven and Simple Strategies to use your Resume to market you

It is not easy to tell whether a resume is good or not without understanding the career context of an individual. A resume can be considered good for various reasons but the most important thing is to ensure that it is effective.

The first question that you need to ask yourself before writing a resume is your goals. The goals act as guiding principle when writing a resume. Your resume should be a historical as well as inspirational in achieving its purposes.

A resume should be thought about as a strategic document that is meant to help you achieve a specific objective. Writing a resume that helps you to reach a goal separates a good from an effective resume. As you plan on updating your current resume, follow the following important steps for you to have an effective resume.

  1. It should be a revolving document – The accomplishments written in the resume should change even as the experience and goals that you have indicated keeps changing. To keep a track of your accomplishments, make sure you write down the things that you have done and received recognition for. This will guarantee a strong content for your resume when the time comes to update it.
  2. Your experience should not change so list roles that emphasize it – Include roles and accomplishments that only support your strategy. Any information added on your resume should be relevant to the set goals for your career. Highlight accomplishments that only help you to reach where you plan to go.
  3. Understand the interviewers and the language needed and use in the specific industry – You need to understand the metrics that matter for different roles in various industries. The metric that matter in finance are very different from the most important metrics in marketing. Every industry has a unique way of describing the metric so you should find this out also. If you are in the process of changing your career, talk to a career consultant to help you.
  4. Emphasis on you accomplishments not responsibilities – Take time to understand the difference. Responsibilities describe what the job requires while accomplishments highlight what you can. Consultants are interested in finding out the impact that you had on your previous job so you need to bring out the accomplishments in your resume.
  5. It is okay to brag – Talking about yourself and your accomplishments can at times make you sound arrogant. It is interesting to note that marketing executive recruitment is good at selling products and services but they are incapable of talking about their accomplishments. Their inability to market their expertise is hindered by the values that people hold against bragging since childhood. When writing a resume, the only way the recruiter can know about you is when you talk about your accomplishments. Your accomplishments make you stand out as the best so you cannot afford to ignore talking about them.
  6. Understand your value – People fail to recognize their unique characteristics which can add value to a company. Since they rarely struggle to use their special skills, they end up taking them for granted. Before writing your resume, take time to think about the things that you do so well yet almost effortlessly. Those are your selling points and should be included in the resume.

Your resume is your career toolbox that can connect you to opportunities. It should therefore highlight where you want to go rather than where you are currently.

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