5 Helpful Points when Choosing your Wedding Songs

People remember different aspects of your wedding due to different reasons. Some remember it depending on the music that was played. It is not obvious that they liked the music as some remember the music especially if it was not received well by the crowd.

This is why most couples insist on having the best music during their wedding. Music is powerful and it sets the feel and tone for the wedding.

You can use the following tips to help you chose the right wedding songs.

  1. Consider your greatest songs

Most couples choose their favorite song for their first dance. Since the couple has several other songs which mean a lot to them, they can mix the songs up with the other songs. Inform the band in good time so that they can select the songs and prepare to perform them during the reception or the set time.

  1. Involve your guests by asking them for suggestions

The bride and groom have a challenging time when it comes to music as they need to choose songs which most people will enjoy. It is impossible to have one style or genre of songs because your guests will definitely have diverse tastes in songs. Couples can always ask their guests for song suggestions. Some couples leave a space for song suggestion on the RSVP or they put a form for song request on their wedding website.

  1. Come up with a list of songs that should not be played during the wedding

Do you have songs which you do not like listening to often times due to various reasons? Some songs have a bad memory such as reminding you of a bad fight or your ex. Give the band a list of songs that they should not play so that they do not spoil your moods.

  1. Chose a band with many songs

How many songs does the ban have? Some wedding bands Ireland can play up to 130 songs. The benefit of a band with an extensive song list is that they are flexible and can quickly change from one genre or style of song to ensure the guests remain entertained at all times.


  1. Have fun

Remember that the best music is that which you and your spouse enjoy. If you are a fun loving couple which enjoys loud music, do not limit yourself to slow songs for your first dance. Feel free to play the kind of music that you enjoy the most. Your wedding is all about you as it depicts a perfect picture of your personality so do not be shy in choosing your choice songs.

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