4 Tips to ensure your Roof Lasts for Long

It is such a nightmare for your roof to fail a few years after installation. Roof installation takes a lot of cash and so it is only natural to want it to last for long.

So what can you do to ensure your new roof serves you for decades?

  1. Use only high quality roofing material

High quality roofing material lasts for long and protects your home from foreign elements for long.  Consider the following factors as you choose a roofing material.

  • Fire ratings – Roofing material can be rated as effective against sever or light exposure to fire. A is the most effective while C is the least effective. Some materials such as wood shingles cannot be rated.
  • Weight – Remember that every type of roof has a maximum weight which it can carry. If by any chance you want to exceed the weight, make sure you strengthen the frames.
  • Lifespan – Each roofing material lasts for a specific period of time, ask the supplier.
  • Durability – A roof should withstand all kinds of weather conditions including rain sleet, snow, heat, and high winds.
  1. Install the roof properly

The installation of a roof plays an important role in its level of performance. Choosing a professional installer guarantees proper installation and optimum efficiency in performance.

How to choose roofers;

  • Company’s reputation – Find out the period of time the company has been in operations and its physical address. Confirm that they operate from the stated physical address. Find out what their previous customers say about them from the website and other sources.
  • Insurance – Make sure the company has workers’ compensation insurance and general liability. This protects you and your home in case anything happens.
  • Warranties – Most Dublin roofers provide workmanship as well as product warranty.
  1. Good ventilation for the attic

If you live in a place with humid summers and cold winters, your roof does a lot in dealing with overheating and ice dams. To prevent moisture and heat from damaging the shingles insulation and rafters, you need to ventilate your attic area properly.

  1. Using flashings for skylight and chimney waterproofing

Flashings are installed in weak places to prevent leaking. If your flashings are in perfect condition, a roofer will use them. In some cases, the roofer uses caulking to strengthen your roofs barrier to water. If it is old, he roofer will replace them.

It is important to understand why a new roof would fail so that you can have a better understanding why you need a professional roofer.

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